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Messages from Our Lord Jesus Christ

"Lord Jesus crucified, have mercy on us. Have mercy upon the whole world."

    2275   February 6, 2002 I am here for you and for those who follow Me
    2330   June 12, 2002 You are never alone
    2396   October 24, 2002 Give to Me all your worries, trials and fear

Messages from the Heart of Our Mother Blessed Virgin Mary By Fr. Robert J. Fox - Paperback Book

 MESSAGE #2275 from Jesus February 6, 2002

 My child, You must not try to carry your cross alone. I am with you. Turn to Me and I shall be your strength. Listen to My Mother and do not run from her. She is here for all her children and her words are that of comfort and love. Lucifer wants you to give up, so remain close to Me. Remain close to Me and keep your heart open. Listen to My words and listen to My Mother whom I send you.
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Embrace your cross. Embrace your cross in reparation for the sins of this world. Allow Me to love you more and accept each new cross. Use the gifts that I have given you and bring My people back to Me. Believe what I say to you, for time is short; short for saving souls in this time of My mercy.

Do not let go of My Mother’s hand, for she is here to assist you. She will never lead you away from the path to My Father. She is here to light and prepare the way. She is your guide and Heavenly Mother. Put your hands in hers and she will lead you closer to Me.

Be at peace and know I am with you. I am Jesus. I am here for you and for those who follow Me.
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 MESSAGE #2330 from Jesus June 12, 2002
 My child, Come to Me when you feel alone. Do not reject My love, My mercy and My forgiveness. Take My hand and trust more that I am with you. Believe and have courage so that doubt does not consume your thoughts. You are never alone. My Mother is also here for all her children. She loves you, just as I, so believe and persevere. Believe and persevere and I shall be your strength. When you believe and trust, fear cannot enter or paralyze you.

My child, because of your acceptance, you are able to hear me when I speak. Continue to listen as I speak to you and pray or those who are refusing to listen. Tell the world not to look for me with their eyes, but to listen to me with their heart. It is in this way they will feel my presence and they will come to know the truth. The truth will be made known, but each person must listen with their heart.

Today, I am asking each of you to live simply, take quiet time and speak less. I am here for you, just as My Mother, so listen and then do what We are asking of you. My presence will become more and more real to you if you listen and act on these messages. Through prayer and through listening, you will know that I am with you. I am with you now and will always be with you.

Do not fear, open your hearts and believe in My love that I have for each of you. Put Me first in your life so that I may lead you to My Father, who is also your Heavenly Father. Be at peace and believe that I will not reject you. Be at peace, for I, your Lord, love you.

 MESSAGE #2396 from Jesus October 24, 2002
 My child, I am Jesus. Give to Me all your worries, trials and fear. Let go and find comfort in My Most Sacred Heart. Let go and allow Me to embrace you so you do not lose hope. Courage is needed in these times. Be brave and tell the world to respond in love no matter how difficult the road becomes. Because you are My disciples, you will suffer. Embrace My cross in your lives. Accept it and believe in My love for each of you.

Do not reject My Mother. Do not reject what she is relaying to the world. Listen to her and you will be led closer to Me. Listen and obey and she will protect you from the evil one who is in search of souls who are prideful and who seek control. Days of darkness will cover the earth, but those who obey and who listen will see light and they will have peace and joy. Blessed will be those who listen to My Word and prepare themselves.

My child, be attentive and listen to My voice. Be little and humble. Trust, love and obey Me. Suffer in silence and do not fear suffering or persecution. Share My agony and pray for My Church. Pray for the scandals of the world. Pray, do penance and listen to what I tell you. Surrender yourself to My Will and do what I command you. Believe time is short for saving souls. Believe and accept My love and mercy. Believe the sins of mankind wound Me deeply. Believe and tell the world to pray more. Believe now, for I am Jesus and no one can harm you. Be at peace. I am with you. I am here because I love each one of you.

Messages from the Heart of Our Mother Blessed Virgin Mary By Fr. Robert J. Fox - Paperback Book


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