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Messages from Our Lord Jesus Christ

"Lord Jesus crucified, have mercy on us. Have mercy upon the whole world."
  2116   March 2, 2001 Prayers are needed, so pray today for the world’s sins
  2152   May 16, 2001 I have sent you My Mother to prepare you for My coming
  2173   June 28, 2001 Love as I love; with mercy, forgiveness and compassion
  2214   September 19, 2001 My Divine Mercy will be followed by Divine Justice
  2254   December 18, 2001 Evil cannot be destroyed when there is hatred in your hearts

Messages from the Heart of Our Mother Blessed Virgin Mary By Fr. Robert J. Fox - Paperback Book
 MESSAGE #2116 from Jesus March 2, 2001
 My child, My Mother grieves with Me because sin has become widespread. My Mother suffers for all her children. Prayers are needed, so pray today for the world’s sins. Pray for mercy for all, for many continue to wound Our Heart. There is no time to spare; take heed to My warning.
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My outstretched arms await those who surrender themselves to Me. I am Jesus, your Merciful Lord. I will not abandon you, for I am your true shepherd. My peace I now give to you. My joy and everlasting love I offer to each of you. Repent and return to Me, I will not forsake you.

My Mother is preparing the way, cherish her, for she is the way to My Heart. Love her just as I love you.
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 MESSAGE #2152 from Jesus May 16, 2001
 My child, Listen to the words of My Mother, whom I send you. Listen and then respond with joy, for she is leading you closer to Me. Listen and do whatever she tells you, for My mercy is flowing through her. Listen and you will be strengthened, nurtured and taught.

Obey and trust and open your hearts now. Open your hearts so that I can fill them with My mercy and love. I have sent you My Mother to prepare you for My coming, so listen to her as she prepares you. Listen and pray with My Mother so that your hearts are filled with love, truth, compassion and joy.

I plead with you, time is short and this time cannot be given back to you. My Mother grieves for you because she loves you so much. Listen and respond to My Mother and through this I will be able to touch others through you. Listen to the love she has for Me and for you. Please love, love My Mother, for she is truly here to intercede for each of you.

My peace and love I give to you, for I am Jesus, Your Merciful Lord. Accept My love and mercy now so that the Gospel can be spread.

 MESSAGE #2173 from Jesus June 28, 2001
 My child, Love as I love; with mercy, forgiveness and compassion.

You must each be an example so that love and peace flow from your hearts. As you allow Me to come into your heart, I then am able to take you into Mine. Love and accept My love so that fear and worry will be removed. Love, love with your heart, for then there will be no room for hatred.

Love My Mother as I do and she will lead you closer to My Most Sacred Heart. She will intercede for you if you live the love that I give to each of you. Much joy you will give to My Mother if you love and live the Beatitudes.

Today, I give you My strength to persevere. Trust and believe I am with you. Trust in my love for you. Trust and allow Me to be your heart so that My love and mercy flow through you. Embrace Me and I will give you the strength to love. Embrace My Mother, for she is love and she is here to be with you.

My peace I now give you. Live in peace and love one another.

 MESSAGE #2214 from Jesus September 19, 2001
 My child, I am Jesus, Your Merciful Lord. My heart is overflowing with mercy and love for each and every soul. Let the world know that My Divine Mercy will be followed by Divine Justice. Let the world know that I pour My tears of blood over this world. The world must believe that justice will prevail, so man does not harbor hate in His Heart. So many want revenge, but this, My child, is not what I teach.

My child, I am using you to warn souls before it is too late. War is not the answer, for it is not man who is in control. Prayer and love is what will destroy evil. Mercy and compassion is what will bring peace to this world. The devil knows how short his time is, so he is persuading many to fight back with weapons. Satan loves bloodshed, but I do not want anyone to perish.

Appease My anger with your prayers. Time is short for saving souls and it will become even shorter without prayer and sacrifice and love in your hearts. It is mankind who brings upon itself, punishments, famine and war. The world is destroying itself, “Why?”, because many want control. Many do not pray or seek My guidance. Many are running towards hell because they are listening to Satan.

My child, you are a victim soul, let the world know there is no longer time to ignore My Mother. All must take heed to her messages and they have been given to you for the whole world. Listen to what I tell you. Pray more and do not let fear pull you away from carrying your cross. Souls are being saved through your prayers and suffering, so be willing, now, to suffer more for Me. Listen to My words of mercy towards mankind.

Today, I want the world to know that My Heart flows with mercy and love. Accept it and open your soul to receive more. Respond and believe that I am Jesus, Your Merciful Lord. I am with you, go in peace. My peace I give to you.

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 MESSAGE #2254 from Jesus December 18, 2001
 My child, Listen to My voice and share My words, which inflame your heart and enlighten your mind. My mercy is infinite, but more must repent and do penance for their sins. More must persevere in prayer and turn away from sin. Evil cannot be destroyed when there is hatred in your hearts. Darkness cannot be removed without love and peace in your hearts.

This is My mother’s time to make the Gospel known. This time will come to an end, and all will need to be in a state of Grace.

My child, unite yourself to My suffering heart and pray for all humanity. Unite yourself with Me in all that you do. Use this time to pray for the salvation of souls. Do all that you can to make these messages known. For many, it will be their last chance to repent and turn away from all that is displeasing to Me. A great punishment will befall mankind if My Word is rejected and ignored. Unite, and join hands, and surrender yourselves to My Will.

My child, speak to those in darkness and let the world know that the time is drawing near; a time of great cleansing and removal of man’s wealth. Divine Justice is prepared to act. Those who repent and seek My guidance shall have nothing to fear, but woe to those who are refusing to listen to My voice. Those who refuse to turn to Me and repent, it will be a time of despair.

My love is infinite. My mercy is great to those who repent. Many messages and warnings have been given. It is time now to pray, believe, and repent. Listen to My mother. Listen to her, and believe this is the time of My Divine Mercy. The world is in need of prayers.

I am Jesus, your Merciful Lord. Do what I command you. Love one another and pray more.

 See companion message 2253 from the Blessed Mother
Messages from the Heart of Our Mother Blessed Virgin Mary By Fr. Robert J. Fox - Paperback Book


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