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Messages from Our Lord Jesus Christ

"Lord Jesus crucified, have mercy on us. Have mercy upon the whole world."
  1934   March 2, 2000 My Mother weeps today because so many are not taking these messages seriously
  1989   June 14, 2000 My Mother knows what is best for all her children
  2026   August 28, 2000 You have consoled me with your great faith
  2058   October 27, 2000 I am with you. I am your strength. Stay close to Me and accept My love for you.

Messages from the Heart of Our Mother Blessed Virgin Mary By Fr. Robert J. Fox - Paperback Book
 MESSAGE #1934 from Jesus March 2, 2000
 My child, I am here today to comfort you, for I am your Merciful Lord. I am here for all My children, so please write and relay My words. Please know that you can come to Me at anytime. I am with you in a very special way. Be at peace and Virgin Mary Messages Paperback Book ~~  Sample chaptersknow that I am with you. Be at peace and know that I shall guide you even in your most darkest moments. Embrace this love, for I am here because of My love for each of you.

My Mother weeps today because so many are not taking these messages seriously. Many are refusing to amend their ways in this time of My mercy. Today, I have come to share My pain with you. My heart bleeds when I see the sorrow in My Mother’s face. My heart bleeds because so many are ignoring these heavenly pleas. My heart bleeds for those who will not accept My Mother’s role on this earth. My heart bleeds when I see so many unfaithful children.

Parents are killing their own flesh and blood. They have no remorse because their hands and heart have become cold. Many today have become so blind because of their wealth. So many are being silent because they are afraid to speak the truth. If you want to become followers of Mine, you must pick up your cross. You must be willing to die for Me. You must spread your faith. You must cherish life until one takes their last breath. You must love and respect all your brothers and sisters. It is not up to you to decide who should live or who should die. It is not your choice.

Repent now if you are not taking a stand on life. Repent now if you have not been open to life. Repent now, My sons, if you are not feeding your flock. Repent and speak up now or you will see much more bloodshed. You will see each child you destroyed if you don’t repent, repent now. Your sins will not be forgiven if you do not repent and do penance. If you are not sorry for your sins, then you are choosing darkness.

Parents, listen to My Mother and take hold of your family now. Listen and respond, or your children will continue to turn on you. Make your day a prayer and come to Me when you are weary. Come to Me at any hour, for I am with you and I will not ever leave you. Come to Me and dress My wounds with your love. Come to Me and I will guide you and lead you. I will take your petitions to My Father, who is also your Father. Surrender totally to Me and trust, trust in My mercy. Trust, for I will always be there for you. My mercy pours out to you, so trust and believe that My Mother is also here now for each of you. She holds each of you so dear to her heart. So accept now, My Mother’s love for you, for she is here, here for you now.

My child, put aside all your anxiousness and rest in Me, for I know how much you love your mother. I am holding her in My arms, so be reassured that her suffering is almost over. I know how much suffering you can endure and I will never give you more than you can handle. So be at peace now and know that I suffer with you. Your suffering is for My lost ones and for your purification. So be at peace and know that I love you.
 MESSAGE #1989 from Jesus June 14, 2000
 My child, My Mother knows what is best for all her children, so please listen to her each time she comes to you. Please listen and write, for it is so important that her words become imbedded in your heart. All that she teaches you must be taken seriously, for she is here now preparing the way. She is here now and all will soon know that she is a mother to each of you.

I am not pleased with those who are ignoring her heavenly pleas. I am not pleased because I see how pride has gotten in the way. If man does not respond soon to these messages, then all goodness will be taken away. It is man’s choice to live the Gospel. It is man’s choice to listen to My Mother who is here making the Gospel known.

Cooperate now with all the spiritual help that I give you. Respond and trust in My merciful love. When you trust, then you will be able to listen to all that is revealed to you. Without trust, you will not be able to hear Me. I am walking with you, so please trust and open your heart. Be confident and persevere, for We are with you in this journey.

My strength and peace I now give to you, for I am Your Merciful Lord.

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 MESSAGE #2026 from Jesus August 28, 2000
 My child, You have consoled Me with your great faith.

I want you to know that My mercy and love are being extended to each one of you who have been so faithful. I am with you always. I am your true shepherd and guardian of your souls.

Continue to bring comfort to Me by allowing My mercy to flow through you to others. Be confident, trust and love Me as I love you. Trust, love and obey Me. Rely on Me to guide you. Remain, remain faithful. Do not let anyone discourage you, just love and trust Me and your reward shall be great.

I am Your Merciful Lord. I am the vine, you are the branches. You are never alone. I am with you and My Mother is here. I love you and now bless you with My mercy, joy and peace.
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 MESSAGE #2058 from Jesus October 27, 2000
 My child, I am with you. I am your strength. Stay close to Me and accept My love for you. Allow Me to be your strength and your protection. Do not try to fight the evil one alone. Stay close to Me and allow Me to comfort you. Stay close to Me and all fear will leave you and it will be replaced by My peace. Embrace your cross and believe that I am carrying it with you. You are not alone, My Mother is truly with you. My Mother prays for you daily, so be at peace and allow Us now to love, comfort and console you.

I speak to you today, because I want you to know that you are not alone. I shall encourage you so that you use the gifts My Father has given to you. Your hands are needed, accept My warmth that comes through them. Accept My peace and love that I have for you. I love you and bless you now with My strength, My courage and My Grace.

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Messages from the Heart of Our Mother Blessed Virgin Mary By Fr. Robert J. Fox - Paperback Book


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