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Messages from Our Lord Jesus Christ

"Lord Jesus crucified, have mercy on us. Have mercy upon the whole world."
  1667   January 20, 1999 The answers will be given to those who come and spend time with Me
  1788   July 18, 1999 The pit is deep and many are bound with chains; help these children be free again
  1835   September 24, 1999 Repent now if you are ignoring the greatest sin in this world
  1867   November 15, 1999 Listen to My Mother, who is Queen of Heaven

Messages from the Heart of Our Mother Blessed Virgin Mary By Fr. Robert J. Fox - Paperback Book
 MESSAGE #1667 from Jesus January 20, 1999
 My child, I am Jesus. Be not afraid of Me, for I come in love and I have come to bring you peace. Be not afraid, for I know how much you can endure.

If you run each time you hear My voice, then there can be no message for the world. This is the time of My great mercy and I want souls to know that My heart is overflowing with mercy and love. Be obedient, My child, and write each message that My Virgin Mary Messages Paperback Book ~~  Sample chaptersother and I give to you. Write, My child, for time is short and many souls are still far away from Me. I need your hands and your voice, so please do not run from Me.

Each step you take I will guide you, for you have been chosen for these times. Each time I talk to you, My words will also become imbedded in your heart. Some of My words will remain in you until it is time to share. So come to Me when your cross feels heavy and I will help you endure all suffering. Come to Me, for your prayers are needed due to the sins of this world. Pray and do penance and be willing to suffer for Me, for this, My child, will appease My Father’s wrath.

The world must realize that sin has become widespread. They must awake from their slumber and repent. They must not wait weekly to hear from My Mother. They must come and spend time with Me in front of the Blessed Sacrament. They must pray and then listen so that I can direct each child individually. The answers will be given to those who come and who spend time with Me.

Direction is needed, for many are confused. They are confused because they spend such little time with Me. Confusion would not happen if more would respond to what My Mother is telling them. But, due to lack of prayer and trust in Me, many are seeking answers from those around them. This is what will cause disharmony and how many will be misled.

Each child must come to know Me and this will not happen if they never spend time with Me. Each child must wait patiently for answers when they come to Me, for I must prepare them first. Each child must become dependent on Me, not their wealth, for their wealth will not get them to Heaven. It is I, your merciful Lord, who will give you all that you need.

Blessed will be those who listen to My voice and who take heed to what I am telling them to do, for this is how they will be drawn closer to Me. But woe to those who are deaf to My words, for they will not know which path to take. They will not know what to do if they allow the world to feed them. My child, make My merciful warning known to all Our children so they begin to amend their ways, for time is short due to the sins of this world.

Now trust, My child, that I am here for you so that you do not run when you hear My voice. Allow Me to feed you so that you in turn can relay My words. Don’t give up. Take My hand and listen to My Mother, for My Mother is leading many souls back to Me. I am with you, you have nothing to fear. My peace and joy I now give to you.

 MESSAGE #1788 from Jesus July 18, 1999
 My child, Listen closely as My Mother speaks to you. Do not ignore her heavenly pleas or those words that she shares with you, for all must know that this is the time to prepare one’s soul. All must know that My Father has chosen many messengers to relay Our words.

My Mother and I are teaching you and you in turn must help those who are in need. Souls are in danger and those who know the truth must go forth in love. They must not ignore those who are so deceived. They must do all that they can before they sink deeper into the pit.

The pit is deep and many are bound with chains; help these children be free again. Take their hands and pray with them. Tell them I am here for them. Don’t leave them to fend for themselves. Be compassionate and nurture them. Take their hand just as My Mother has done for you and make the Gospel known, for the truth is what will set them free, free from bondage.

Satan has a hold on many today, but this can be stopped through prayer and acts of mercy. So be merciful and rescue each child who is in darkness. Be merciful, for your reward will be great. Listen closely now, when I am speaking to you, so that I can direct you and lead you to those souls who need your assistance. Many souls are in need, so respond now to all that My Mother has taught you.

My Mother is here for but a short time, so take heed now while there is still time. I am your merciful Lord, who loves and cares for each of you. If you truly love Me, then respond now to My Mother’s requests. Do not pierce My Mother’s heart or a greater chastisement will come. Instead, love her as I do and you will be led closer to Me. My Mother is here, so be wise and take heed today.

My peace I now give to you. Allow My peace to dwell in you.

 MESSAGE #1835 from Jesus September 24, 1999
 My child, I am Jesus, Your Merciful Lord. I am here, so please listen and relay My words. I come to you today because My Mother is weeping tears of blood. Not only must you heal My wounds, but you must wipe those tears that My Mother is shedding for each of you. These tears will not be wiped away until you respond to all that she is sharing with you.

If you don’t do your part, abortion will not stop. Abortion is the greatest sin in this world, so why aren’t more taking a stand to defend life? The innocent are being slaughtered everyday, so why are you sitting back and being silent? Why aren’t you praying everyday for an end to abortion? Why aren’t you helping those who are so deceived? I am waiting for an answer. Will you keep excusing yourself for being lazy or will you take part in saving souls?

Repent now if you are ignoring the greatest sin in this world. Repent now if you are not living the Beatitudes. Repent now and then do what My Father is asking of you. Repent now or this earth will be shaken from it’s foundation.

My child, I have shown you what will happen if one does not repent, repent soon. So, please continue to suffer for those who are not making the truth known, for they too will perish if they do not take a stand for life. Let the world know that the earth is trembling now. Let them know, for they must wake up now. There is no time to spare, all must pray and take part in saving lives. All must use their hands and voice and obey each commandment. Rivers will overflow if man allows this world to crumble. The sea will not remain calm if man continues to pollute this earth. All will see much bloodshed if one continues to neglect their soul. All will see all that I have shown you, My child, if they don’t repent and get down on their knees.

Thunder will blast through the sky and there will be total darkness if you don’t pray and gather in those groups that My Mother has formed. Without prayer and sacrifice, nothing can be lessened that is coming your way. Without compassion and respect for life, you allow Lucifer to attack and then strike. War will be your outcome if you do not love or give with your heart. Abortion is murder and there will be consequence for sin. This world will be severely punished if you don’t act now.

This message is serious, for it is another warning from Heaven. Believe and respond now or you will suffer just as those babies who are ripped into pieces from their mother’s womb. My wounds are deep and they will become deeper if you keep ignoring My Mother, so take heed now and wipe those tears that flow from My Mother’s eyes.

I am your merciful Lord. I shed My mercy upon you. I am with you, so do not fear. My peace I now give to you.

 MESSAGE #1867 from Jesus November 15, 1999
 My child, Listen to My Mother, who is Queen of Heaven, and write, write all that she is telling you, for each word that you write will help save souls. These messages must be shared, so write, My child, without hesitation. These messages need to be read so they touch the hearts of all those who come and listen.

This is the time of My Divine Mercy and My love is pouring out from Me on to you. Accept My love graciously and be always humble. My Mother is ever so near, for We are inseparable. Our hearts are joined, for We are one just as you and I are one. Because of your open heart, My mercy continues to pour forth. Because of your response, this group has grown. Continue to be My servant and allow My warmth to flow through your heart and hands. Keep your heart open and tell the world not to harden their heart, for then I will give them what is best for their soul.

Now is the time to listen, for My Mother is truly here for you. Listen to My Mother, for it is I whom sends her to you. I am your Merciful Lord and I shall always be your strength.

 See companion message 1866 from the Blessed Mother

Messages from the Heart of Our Mother Blessed Virgin Mary By Fr. Robert J. Fox - Paperback Book


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