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Messages from Our Lord Jesus Christ

"Lord Jesus crucified, have mercy on us. Have mercy upon the whole world."
  1249   November 2, 1997 Take shelter in My Most Sacred Heart today, for then you will be prepared for you will become more honest with yourselves
  1262   November 14, 1997 The only way that one will truly come to know Me, is through prayer
  1269   November 20, 1997 Justice will prevail
  1278   November 28, 1997 Without a willing spirit, your desires will come before Me
  1288   December 7, 1997 Messages have been given all around this world so more would have time to change their ways
  1299   December 18, 1997 It is I who will judge you, not man

Messages from the Heart of Our Mother Blessed Virgin Mary By Fr. Robert J. Fox - Paperback Book
 MESSAGE #1249 from Jesus November 2, 1997
 My child, Be at peace, for it is I, your Lord. I come in love to teach those who will listen, so be not afraid, just listen and then open your heart so you can hear what I, your Merciful Lord, has to say.

I come in truth, but it will be up to you to take a look at yourselves. I ask that each of you quit finding fault in others and quit blaming others for your faults, for if you continue these ways, you will not grow. Without taking an honest look at yourself, there can be no change within you.

Virgin Mary Messages Paperback Book ~~  Sample chaptersIn order to help others you must first change yourselves, for others will not follow if they don’t see Me in you. If it is pride, then it must be removed today, for pride will pull you farther away from Me. Pride is what separates you from Me, for one does not own up to their weaknesses, which causes them to walk on their own. One then becomes proud instead of being humble. Those who become proud, praise themselves. They soon forget that they can do nothing on their own, which causes many to take the wrong path because they refused my direction.

I am warning you tonight, for in time, you will not want to be on your own. For if evil continues to be allowed, it will become dark, very dark. You will not be able to see ahead of yourselves without My light. It will become cold and without My warmth, your heart will become even colder. You will need My warmth and direction in times to come in order to survive the battles yet to come.

So be wise, deny yourselves and take shelter in My Most Sacred Heart today. For then you will be prepared, for you will become more honest with yourselves. You will learn how to survive and make better choices. You will learn because I, your Lord, will teach you. Those who take shelter in My Heart will be given the strength needed to stay strong, for I will help them so they never give in to the ways of the world. Those who take shelter will become faithful followers, for they will be shown the way.

Those who listen and take heed to My Mother’s messages will advance quicker so they can be led closer to Me, for My Mother will shower them with many graces so they will stay strong. My Mother will nurture and comfort each child who comes and accepts her grace and assistance. My Mother is here for each one of you. Time is short so it is pertinent that you make My Mother known, for many have not much time to change their ways. With My Mother’s help, they will be led closer to Me. They will see light if they take My Mother’s hand and respond to her requests. This will lead those who have drifted away, back to Me.

I say, believe in all that I have to say, for I am your Merciful Lord who yearns to be with you. My peace I give to you, let this peace now rest in your soul.
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 MESSAGE #1262 from Jesus November 14, 1997
 My child, Each step you take will draw you closer to Me, for I will stand by you and strengthen you along the way. But in order to take a step, you must always follow My directions. You must not look for signs, you must just stay focused on Me or you will become tired and discouraged. Pray daily so your desires are always to follow Me, for the road will become harder and it will not always be easy.

So pray more, My child, so you stay loyal to Me. Teach others to pray so that they learn to pray from their heart, for many do not know how to pray because they lose their train of thought. Many don’t understand that they can talk to Me throughout the day. Through prayer, I will comfort those who pray from their heart. I will reassure them so they never give up, but in order for this to happen they must come to Me and pray more fervently. They must take quiet time so they can clearly hear Me.

If one rushes through their prayers, that tells Me that they have but little time for Me. The only way that one will truly come to know Me, is through prayer. But in order for this to happen, one will have to live more simply, for it is one’s wealth that prevents them from drawing closer to Me. Many strive to obtain wealth, but never work hard to obtain spiritual growth. Too many are satisfied with the way they are living, thus forgetting how short their time is on this earth.

Genuine happiness and interior peace can only come to those who follow Me. So become a follower by giving up your earthly desires, for then you will have peace and tranquillity. Become more prayerful so I can give you the direction that you need. Strive to become holier instead of wealthier, for then your happiness will not be temporary, it will be eternal. Look not to the pleasures in this world, but look towards Heaven so you learn to avoid all that displeases Me. Be more active in all that you say you are going to do, for it is your actions that will draw others closer to Me. It is by doing all that I ask of you that pleases Me.

It is by responding to My requests that will help you grow closer to Me, for I am Your Merciful Lord who knows what is best for you. I know your desires, that is why I only give you what is best for your soul, for the desires that you want are many times selfish and will only pull you farther away from Me. So be glad that I, your Lord, does not give in to your every need or desire, for then you would not know how to trust or be dependent on Me. You would turn to the world instead of totally relying on Me.

Now, believe that without prayer, you are refusing the direction that you need. Believe that through prayer you will come to know Me, for I, your Lord, will always listen and respond in the way that is best for your soul, so trust that through prayer Our relationship will grow. Each step will then become easier, for you will know that I’m always at hand and ready to assist you.

My peace I now give to you, allow this peace to now enter your soul.
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 MESSAGE #1269 from Jesus November 20, 1997
 My child, It is because of My Divine Mercy that so many have come close to My Most Sacred Heart, so be glad and rejoice for this time of mercy.

Those who have taken refuge in My Heart must too be merciful unto others. They must treat others with love and compassion. They must be truthful and obey all of the Commandments. They must become My followers and pick up their cross. They must remain joyful no matter how heavy their cross becomes so that they always stay loyal to Me. Those who were faithful will then one day have eternal happiness.

But justice will prevail for those who refused My love and mercy, and in time they will be judged. It will be their sins that will sentence them to hell because of their refusal to do My Will. There will be no mercy for those who kill or who abuse My children. They will see fire if they refuse to repent and make atonement for their sins. There will be no mercy for those Priests who are spreading error against My Mother or who discredit her, for she is My Mother, who is the Mother of Grace. The time has come and those who are choosing My Justice had better repent, for their time is soon to come.

So I say to you, harden not your hearts and draw near to Me, for it is I, your Lord, whom you must adore. Come back now so you have time to repent, for you do not know the day or hour of My return. So prepare now and cleanse your soul and seek refuge in My Most Sacred Heart. You will then have joy and My peace will reign in you.
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 MESSAGE #1278 from Jesus November 28, 1997
 My child, It is never easy for one to admit they are wrong, but when they do, much weight is lifted off of them because they feel much peace. I am pleased with those who humble themselves and who take responsibility for their actions. It is through obedience and humility that one is drawn closer to Me. It is in this way that one realizes that they must be totally dependent on Me. Without humility, one cannot see how their selfish desires truly offend Me.

In order to come closer to Me, you will have to be more honest with yourself. You will have to deny your needs and wants and desire only what is best for your soul. This does not come easy, it takes sacrifice on your part. It takes a true devotion to My Mother and Me. It takes a spirit that is willing to be persecuted for Me. Without a willing spirit, your desires will come before Me. Without prayer and a repentive heart, your distractions will pull you farther away from Me. You must allow time for Me so you can hear Me more clearly. I, Your Lord, cannot lead you if you remain blind. I need your eyes opened so you can see beyond yourselves. I need you more attentive to My Mother’s requests so that you can be led closer to Me.

Tonight, I come as Your Merciful Lord. I have come because so many ears remain closed and because of this, many hearts have become hardened. I have come to give you strength, but also to help you see your foolish ways. In order for change to occur, you must allow Me to remove the darkness that you have allowed into your soul. You must allow Me to break you of your ways. You must allow Me to be in complete control. But this will only happen if you obey all the Commandments.

If you are still picking and choosing which Commandments you want to obey, then you will not see Heaven, for in order to live holy lives, you must obey My Commands. You must live the Beatitudes and be merciful. You must not be afraid to carry your cross. You must be proud to be a Christian and a true follower of Mine. You must love Me more than yourselves in order to stay strong and in line. You must be more patient with those around you. You must believe that I, Your Lord, am Divine and that I am ever so near. You must believe so you never forget that there is a God who cares deeply for you. If you believe, then listen closely each new day so that you can be guided.

Now, I ask that you ponder all that you have been told in your heart so that you are not led astray. My peace I now give to you, this peace comes from My Most Sacred Heart.
 See companion message 1277 from the Blessed Mother
 MESSAGE #1288 from Jesus December 7, 1997
 My child, Cherish this time of grace and be more thankful for this time. Be thankful by doing all that you can to save souls. Strive harder to help those who are suffering. Hands are needed so more have time to prepare their soul. Lips are needed so more hear the truth.

These messages have been given to you because many have been misled. These messages will help many come to know the truth. Messages have been given all around this world so more would have time to change their ways. They have not been given to frighten people, only to guide them in a more perfect way. But due to laziness and lack of faith, many are refusing to believe that these messages are warnings to wake those who are sleeping. They are from Heaven, not the enemy. They are part of My Father’s plan. They are for all faiths, for each person has a soul that needs to be nourished. Each person has areas that they need to work on.

Each child is so dearly loved, so that is why I come to you, for I am your Merciful Lord, I come in love and truth. I have come to assist you in these times, just as My Mother. So believe that I am your Sovereign Lord so that doubt does not enter, for if doubt enters, then change will not occur. If man refuses to change, then darker days will come, for sin and hateful hearts will bring on war. This will happen if man allows evil to enter their heart and soul.

You have been asked many times to pray for those who have wandered away, but yet many don’t take the time to pray. Your prayers are needed, for your prayers are their protection. Without your prayers, they will suffer tremendously, for they will be on their own. They will not be protected by My heavenly Angels, they will have to fight many battles alone. Those who choose to do what is right will have protection and My Angels will be their source of light.

So be wise, take refuge now and pray for those who are walking alone. For in time you will need My strength in order to stay strong. Be wise, surrender only to Me, for then the enemy will flee. Your armor will then become strong and each new battle will then be won, for all of Heaven will assist you.

Now, trust that if you take refuge, you will never have to walk alone, for I, your Lord, will be ever so near and I will guide you each new day.
 MESSAGE #1299 from Jesus December 18, 1997
 My child, In the end, I will be the judge, so be not bothered by how man sees you, for many judge according to their likes and dislikes.

Many criticize yet they know not the truth. This is a weakness that many need to work on in order to better themselves, for pride and a heart filled with hate will destroy one’s soul. Those who refuse to love their neighbor, allow evil to enter. Those who refuse to be humble are prideful. Satan loves a prideful man, because he knows he has but little time to pray because he’s too busy criticizing those whom he finds fault in.

Those who do not take time to pray will be tempted, for their focus will not be on Me. They instead will become distracted by what other people are doing. This happens because of curiosity, but in the end, gossip will be the result. Prayer is what will help one grow; not your pleasures, but how much you desire Me. Without prayer, one will not bear fruit, for one cannot be guided if they never take time for Me. One cannot be taught if they refuse to hear the truth.

I must warn you because Satan has many snares and if you are not strong, this is how you will fall into his web. The more trapped you become, the harder it will be to get free, for you then allow yourself to become distant from Me. So be not foolish, remain close to Me, for then I, your Lord, will protect you from the enemy. I will help you so you do not fall into sin. I will show you a better way so you learn how to cope in this world. I will give you the strength that you need to endure all trials. I will not leave you, for I will be ever so near.

I am merciful for those who try hard. I do not condemn, I forgive. I am able to do this because I am your merciful Lord. So come to Me, and allow Me to help you, for then you will never have to walk alone. Open your heart wider so that I can enter more fully. Surrender your ways, give them all to Me, for it is only I, your Lord, who knows you better than anyone else. I love you more than you can imagine. I yearn for you at all times. If you love Me, then give yourself totally to Me so that I can hold you in the palm of My hand.

Come now, don’t try to do it on your own, for you will not be able to survive on your own. I am waiting for each of you, so abandon yourself to Me. Peace will then be given to you, for it is I who will judge you, not man. For I am your Sovereign Lord, who cares deeply for you.

Messages from the Heart of Our Mother Blessed Virgin Mary By Fr. Robert J. Fox - Paperback Book


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