Blessed Mary's messages to the world through Little Mary

Internet Archive Messages from Our Lord Jesus Christ & The Blessed Mother to Little Mary
"I am very pleased when my children come to Mass and pray, pray the Rosary"  #2398  October 28, 2002

"Lord Jesus crucified, have mercy on us. Have mercy upon the whole world."

Internet Archive Messages from the Immaculate Heart  ~ Private Revelations Through Locutionist Little Mary

"This world is in danger because so many are not taking these messages seriously. These messages must be made known, so more repent, and turn to God in this time of mercy. Each child must do their part to make the truth known. You must use those gifts that God has blessed you with". ~  #2233

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mary's messages to the world
The Blessed Mother first came to Little Mary in a dream in August of 1994 and has received over 3000 messages from Jesus and Mary.  She wrote the first message on January 11, 1995 and writes the messages in notebooks and shares them with her spiritual advisor.

January 11,1995, Wednesday  ~  Be Silent and Hear My Words.
My daughter, I have protected you. You were a virgin but then chose to become a mother. Look to the highest and crown Him with many crowns. Jesus reigns and is above all the earth. Cast away all your doubts and remain with us. This earth is so full of sorrow and doubt. Look to the skies because God can fulfill your every need. He had promised to keep you, hold you and protect you for He is your true Father and I your true Mother. Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say, rejoice. Be silent and hear my words for I am with you. Look at my heart as I am in yours.

January 12,1995, Thursday  ~ From the Lord Jesus: Look Inside the Flower.
Look inside the flower. There was once this tiny seed. Now your petals will open and you will blossom and grow in me. Keep your yes open and beware of dark times. Blessed is the fruit of the womb, Jesus. Stay close to me and you will see the glory and power of eternity.

"From the very beginning my spiritual advisor was chosen by the Blessed Mother. My job as a messenger is to write and relay the messages. I have to ask God everyday for the strength and grace needed to do this. This is not always easy, it is not like writing a letter, every word I write is embedded in my heart. Some messages are very strong and you feel Jesus' and Blessed Mother's pain."

Messages from the Heart of  Our Mother

In 2004 Fatima Priest, Fr. Robert J. Fox has compiled various messages written by a woman named "Little M4 Page Color Brochure - Messages from the Heart of Our Motherary" and has put them into book form. He offers in the Chapters 1-3, discernment and placing private revelation in it's proper perspective. While there are many reports of Marian messages, and messengers, we must be cautious to discern their authenticity.  Published by: Fatima Family Apostolate (Non-Profit)

Fr. Robert Fox said of these messages:
"After more than 45 years of professional writing and teaching experiences, I could never express such calls for living the gospel, our Catholic faith, so simply, so pointedly, so meaningful as do these messages."

Our Blessed Mother and Jesus gave these messages with a note of urgency, stressing they are for the world.

The Blessed Mother uses a certain style directed to all. As a good Mother, she desires to have her messages touch each and every one of her children.  The crisis in the family today, in the Church, in the world—all are dealt with in this remarkable, readable book.

Mother Mary speaks in simple words and phrases so that her teachings can be understood by anyone. Mary's spiritual teachings are meant to be used in conjunction with everyday living; at work and in the home, with relationships, in dealing with difficult situations.

Mother Mary's love for all the children around the world is lovingly brought through to you in this inspiring book and  shares spiritual ways to change ones life to grow closer to God and to live a holy life.

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"The greatest healing is when one comes back to Me"  #1352   February 8, 1998 ~ Jesus

Be responsible parents and make time to pray with your children. Be responsible, instead of allowing the world to raise your children. Be loving parents and be more grateful for this time in which God has allowed to nurture and teach your children. (Chap 5 Sep 5,2001)
Messages from Blessed Mother Mary Through Little Mary
My daughter, lam here, so please write and relay my messages so more come to know our dear Lord Jesus. Many today need to hear the truth, so please do not delay. Set time aside to pray more so your focus is on Jesus and not the world.  The world will pull you away from Jesus if you don't pray, pray more. All my children must do the same if they truly want to build their relationship with our Lord. Each child must make time to pray and honor God. Chap 10 June 17
Fr. Robert J. Fox and Little Mary

Catholic Magazine- Immaculate Heart Messenger By Fatima Family Apostolate
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